About us

Trying to be as much creative as we can, we lovely develop our games for all of us.

We are an independant small and young yet creative team who are passionate about games. We think that there is nothing impossible.

Having lots of interesting ideas and concepts, as a pretty small team we do not mind of working with larger teams in game development projects. We are always open to partnership with other game development teams.


Daniel Nadkin


I was always passionate about creating or inventing something. I wasn't dreaming of becoming a game developer, it is just a matter of time when I realized that most of my intentions can potentially be related and connected with game development. In my opinion the goal of my life is to create new worlds. And this is what I am doing.

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Andrew Krasnopolsky


I love to draw. And especially I love when picture comes to life like it happens in video games. This is the most amazing thing to me, when you can control or interact with pictures that were drawn as something static at the beginning. I believe it's magic.

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Alexander Hunt


I’ve always wanted to make games ever since i was 10, i’ve known what my calling was and i feel that code is my playground where i can let my imagination and ideas run wild without being held down by laws and universal rules. My world is within the machine and in there, i govern the universe. But why don’t we create a universe together.

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